J.J. is a Cr Stiring single, that is egar to do what's right and get the job done fast.

J.J.'s liveryEdit

J.J. is painted dark purple with light purple handrails,


Whne J.J.'s at work he takes the express, he takes up to 10 coaches! He goes so fast that he's been named "The Purple Comet". But sometimes he doesn't mind taking frieght. But occasionally he goes out racing with famous race trains, and has won 7 trophys.

In the World Grand PrixEdit

One time J.J. was invited to join Sir Steamyrod's World Grand Prix, to compete against other racers and show what the alternatetive fuel "Coalinel" a fuel for both Steam engines and Diesels. He also proved he was the fastest rain in the world because he beat Pizza Ria and came first in all the races. For this event J.J. was given a new look for the race.

J.J. in his WGP form

He had a purple comet, his name and "World Grand Prix" painted on him, and he got a spoiler on his tender, when he arrivied at the first race in Japan, many fans admired his new look, and then after the WGP he was put back in his old form, but he use the racing form in all his races.

His fuelEdit

J.J. can't take regular coal because he intolerent to it, so he use purple coal and Coalinel for his main fuel.

When RacingEdit

J.J. at first wasn't good at racing but then a old race train showed him tricks to do, so he could keep at first place.