Rattler Type: Diamond back rattlesnake diesel

Rattler is another member of the Diesel Squad who is a diamondback rattlesnake with 18 wheels. He's offen seen doing the sneaky work. Because his so stealth, he can grab diesel parts at night.But it still unclear if he can inject vemon.


Rattler's the night time part collecter. He's also the third member to be an animal in the Diesel Squad, and is the first reptile converted into a train.

Hypnotic talentEdit

Rattler is also great at beiing a hypnotist. When he hypnotizies others his eyes get all swirly with colors of sea green, sky blue, and yellow. He can also use his talent to calm to the other diesels in Diesel Squad when they worry.

His western selfEdit

When he went to Western City to help the marshall, he got a black stenson with a gray band. And when he was made one of the deputies, he wore a silver star-shaped badge. And sincw he had a score to settle with his outlaw cousin, his tail was convertied into a gattling gun.
Rattler (Western)

Rattler in his western fashion

Photo galleryEdit

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