Steamy The Logging LocoEdit

Steamy Logging Loco

Steamy The Logging Loco

Steamy is one of Cartoon World's logging locos along with Evan, Puffy, and Shai-Shay. He came from America after helping build the Transcontinentel railroad. Today He's a 150 years old like Evan and Puffy. He's based off Central Pacfic's train "Jupiter"


Steamy is painted like Jupiter's style of paintwork, High Gloss Black, gold shone brass parts, Blue cowcatcher, headlight, tender, cab, and driving wheels. With a bit of Red in the blue and his number and name painted in bright bronze.


Steamy's part of the logging job is to take the cut trees from The Forest Green Forest and take them to sawmill, but he also takes passengers and mail on his line.


Steamy is Puffy's brother and is one of the trains that uses wood for fuel. He Didn't like Shai-Shay's looks he first saw him. Steamy is also sometimes seen at other places besides the Forest Green Forest. He also has a crack in his funnel from working to build the Transcontinentel Railroad. He is also a skiled fiddle player and has a twin barrel 12-gauge shotgun on the side of his cab.